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Object:General Sale Terms and Conditions – Industrial Division Products



We would like to inform you about the following things:


ü       We do not accept the tacit agreements of your terms, clauses and way of working so you should not consider as granted our agreement in case of lack of reply;

ü       Any clause or term is not valid  in case of contrast with the following terms and conditions;

ü       Better conditions should be agreed between the parts;


Terms and Conditions



If not specified in the document our quotations are valid 60 days.

Purchase Orders:

The orders represent a commitment for the Customer as well as the confirmation is a commitment for the supplier.

In case of a purchase order not in accordance with our Terms and Conditions we will send you a quotation with the right data to be respected.

We do not accept orders including any kind of penalty.


The current prices  are the one quoted in our documents.

In case of rise in raw material prices or production cycle we can adjust the prices ( the pending orders are not going to be modified).

N.B.: All the purchase orders made trough our Shop online are not going to have any additional cost linked to the minimum to invoice.

The transport expenses and the collection fees will be automatically generated by the cart (to get more information see our website www.zetasassi.net).

For orders sent by mail, fax or phone calls there are the following additional costs:




Invoice whose total amount is lower than € 100,00:

Lump Sum of € 8,00(NOT FOR ON-LINE ORDERS)

Extra EEC collection fees:

According to the amount of the money transfer

Transport Expenses:

Ad hoc quotation


Delivery Terms:

Zetasassi offers to its Customers the prompt availability of its items and a detailed care to the customer’s needs (such as a delivery in certain day of the week and the various forwarders according to the size and weight of the boxes).

Anyway we can have delays linked to atmospheric events or something not due to our fault.


In case of lack of information we decline any responsibility concerning the forwarder to be contacted for the shipments and the pertaining cost will be charged to the Customer.

Return of Goods:

The goods return has to be agreed.

The condition should be established time by time according to the reasons linked to the return.


The payments should take place according to the terms quoted in our documents.

Otherwise according to the law as far as the D.Lgs 231/02 as modified according to the D.Lgs 192/12 in implementation of the UE 2011/7/UE we are going to ask you default interests in addition to the lump sum of € 35,00 or more in case of action to protect the credit.

We can also:

ü     Block or delete pending orders;

ü     Change the existing terms and conditions;

Warranty and Liability:

In case of defects we ask you please to report them within 8 days after the goods arrival.

After that period the goods are accepted.

The warranty foresees the free repair and replacement of the defective product.

The warranty is no more valid in case the pieces have been repaired or tampered.

Our products can be used in various applications so we decline any responsibility in case of:

ü     Damages linked accidents occurred during the use of our items;

ü     Damages linked to external agents, lack of maintenance, overload, natural wear and tear, wrong choice of the item to be used, wrong set up or something else not due to our responsibility;

ü     Damages linked to the use of defective items;

Zetasassi ad hoc for you!:

The service foresees the cooperation between our offices and the Customer for the modification of the existing items or to make new ones on demand or on drawing.

The service is free in case of purchase order otherwise we are going to send you an invoice with a lump sum of € 250 for the project and the drawings.

Our technical cooperation comes from years of experience in that field and from updated machineries.

We suggest you ideas or technical evaluations according to your needs and requests.

As each field has its own features we ask you please to send us the most part of the information.

In lack of those information we decline any responsibility.

We are not responsible for any work of items on drawing linked to patents or similar rights.

We ask to our Customers to respect patents, inventions and the competition limits.

Legal Domicile and Jurisdiction:

The LegalDomicile is Parma, Via Eugenio Barsanti 2/a, 43122 Parma.

The pertaining Jurisdiction is Parma.


To protect our Client we can decide to establish the Jurisdiction in a different place.