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tenditori automatici per catene e cinghie
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    BELT TENSIONER ET2 PU KU with pulley (self lubricating sliding bushes) Newton180:420
    Sono costituiti da una base in lega leggera “speciale antigrippaggio” e testa di tensionatura in alluminio compreso rullo tendicinghia, in acciaio zincato, alluminio e materiale plastico PA6. Newton180:420
  2. 2
    BELT TENSIONER ET2 PU with pulley Newton180:420
    Body is made of a special anti-seize light alloy and a aluminium tension head, including the idler rollers made Aluminium, Zinc Coated Steel and plastic material type PA6. Newton180:420



Automatic belt tensioners are automatic devices which allow to keep the right tension of the transmission chain so it lasts longer.

In addition they recover the stretching that the chain has little by little during its functioning.

So thanks to the automatic tensioners you can avoid vibrations and noise linked to functioning.

These automatic belt tensioners do not need the intervention of any workers so you can save time for the maintenance and for the control of the machineries on which they are set up. 

The type ETPU has  a light alloy body and tensioning head . They include a pulley. 

The body is made of a special anti-seize light alloy that is perfect for its use. The anti-seize material allows the steel studs to slide perfectly. They are inside and pushed by steel springs. On the studs we set up a aluminum head with a threaded hole with where you can set up our pulleys, plate wheels, sprockets, etc.

The working range can reach 130°C. 

They include pulleys set up on the tensioning head. The pulleys are available in various sizes and materials. 

On demand it is possible to have pulleys not included in our website.

They are set up one by one and checked by skilled staff so that we can have a complete quality control and guarantee the perfect sliding of the studs.

The high quality materials, the workmanship and the components tolerance made with our CNC machinery allow the product to work perfectly and have a very long life expectancy . 

Various sizes and type of tensioning are available so that you have a product suitable to the type of load, shape and customer’s needs. 

For all version is available a KU type with “ self-lubricating sliding bushes”  .