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tenditori automatici per catene e cinghie


  1. 1
    BELT TENSIONER ETL08 PU with pulley Newton130:250-95:190
    Body is made of a special anti-seize light alloy and a zinc-coated tension head including the idler rollers made Aluminium, Zinc Coated Steel and plastic material type PA6. Newton130:250-95:190
  2. 2
    CHAIN TENSIONER ETLR08 with sprocket and bearings AC
    The body is made of a special anti-seize light alloy and a zinc-coated tensioning head. They include a sprocket. For chain:ISO 3/8 06B z21 - 1/2 08B z16 -1/2 08B z14 simple. Newton130:250-95:190
  3. 3
    TENSIONER ETL08 Newton 95:190 - 130:250
    Les types ETL08 sont avec la base en spécial alliage léger et tête de tension en acier zingué. Newton130:250-95:190

ETL08 automatic device linear spring-action drive tensioner consisting of a base in a very sturdy antiseize aluminium alloy with tensile strength of 440MPa that ensures perfect glide on high tensile strength galvanized steel rods, to which  L-shaped bracket in galvanized steel is fastened, where it is possible to install various accessories.Particularly useful when operating at high temperatures.