Is it possible to buy directly from your website and /or see your items pricelist?

Yes you should visit our website www.zetasassi.com with Euro prices.

Yes you should visit our website www.tensionershop.net with USD prices.


How is it possible to place a purchase order?

You can buy directly from our website, the cart will give you the costs. For big quantities or special requests we ask you please to contact us to trade@zetasassi.net


Is it compulsory to create an account in your website to be able to buy your items?

In case you want to buy from the B2B you should create your account and after we put in your own prices already with your discount so you are able to see the prices and buy directly from our website.

If you do not want to buy from the website we ask you please to contact us or to send quotation request or orders by mail or by fax.


From where do we get the goods?

The goods comes from Italy where it is also manufactured.


Is it possible to get discount ?

Yes it depends from the quantity and from the item you need. In case of big quantities we suggest you to ask for a quotation. For more information contact trade@zetasassi.net.


How does it cost the air freight ?

It depends from the weight of the goods and from the Country where it is supposed to be delivered.


How will be the package?

 The packaging is free. We use boxes to ship allover the world.


Are the items  in stock ?

99%  of our items are ready to be delivered. For International deliveries the delivery time is 24/36 h without any problem not linked to our will.


How do we arrange to pay Zetasassi?

You can make an advanced money transfer or use your credit card or Pay Pal. For other payment terms you should contact our Accounting DPT.


Do you need credit information from us to be established as a customer ?

 No we need just your Company details, the VIES number and your website ( in case you have one).


Have you a  minimum quantity to be ordered?

No we don’t .You can buy whatever you may need.


Is it possible to download your technical drawings?

Yes, you can freely download all our drawings and our catalogue.


I created my account but I do not receive the mail to complete the registration.

I am trying to make login but with no results.

When you create your account the system sends you an e-mail to that address including a link to be used to finish the registration. The Antivirus Systems sometimes consider it as a Spam so they block the e-mail. We ask you please to check also the spelling of the e-mail you wrote. You should also check that our e-mail address trade@zetasassi.net is accepted by all your computer systems ( antivirus, browser, e-mail). In case of troubles do not hesitate to contact us we will solve them in few minutes.


I made login but I do not see the prices.

We ask you please to delete the cookies or the browser temporary files . After you should make login again and update the page so you will be able to see them.


When is it possible to contact your offices?

Our working time is 8.30 a.m. -1.00 p.m.   2.00 p.m.-5.30 p.m.